The New Frontiersman launches exclusive WATCHMEN content



Announcing the launch of The New Frontiersman. ≠)

From Picture Production Company: has opened this morning. The images will be the first of a series of content exclusives to be released through the site, including correspondence, military documents, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs and video reports, bringing the wider world of WATCHMEN to life for as broad an audience as possible.

All the content will be served through dedicated Flickr and YouTube accounts, available to follow as a single RSS feed generated by Friendfeed.  Fans can also follow The New Frontiersman on Twitter to get the drop on the latest media the instant they go live.

There will also be a few other hidden treats to be discovered through The New Frontiersman site itself, which will be updated and developed all the way up to the release.


ROLE: Creative Strategy, Social Media Strategy
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Paramount Pictures International