Annie Ok: “My Life as an Avatar 06.08” in moves09 International Festival of Movement on Screen, Thurs April 23, Manchester UK

Still from “My Life as an Avatar 06.08” by Annie Ok

My machinima art piece, “My Life as an Avatar 06.08” has been invited to be part of moves09 International Festival of Movement on Screen, “a platform exploring rhythmical visual work: films, videos, interactive installations and live events which carry a sense of motion”. I was honored and surprised that they chose to name the machinima screening program “My Life as an Avatar” after my ongoing series.

From moves09:

FORUM & SCREENING My Life as an Avatar, Ian Patterson
Thu April 23 2009, 16:20, Cornerhouse screen 3, Manchester

Ian Patterson leads us through the often-controversial world of Machinima (the lo-fi use of videogame engines to create generated imagery for animated films) and explores the potential for film made with no physical restriction.

About moves:

moves is the largest exhibition platform in the UK for experimental short film and new media with a unique focus on movement on screen, exploring new ways of telling stories through films, installations and screen-based works.

After a world-wide tour that took the best of moves08 as far as Hungary, Brazil and Russia, moves returns to Manchester and the UK from 23 to 28 April 2009.

Wherever you live, you can catch moves:

in Manchester and the North West with a 6-day festival exploring movement on screen through screenings, installations, workshops and open-space forums; in the UK on the BBC Big Screens and in selected venues such as Sadler’s Wells and Glasgow CCA; worldwide with a year-round tour taking moves’ favourites as far as Hungary, Russia and Brazil.

Special thanks to Ian Patterson, machinima program curator, and Pascale Moyse, moves’ Artistic Director for graciously asking to include my work in moves09.