Sony PlayStation Home: Halloween Party


To celebrate Halloween, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is inviting the residents of PlayStation Home to a special event.


Home’s Halloween party will be held in the Burn Zombie Burn space and all appropriately dressed attendees will receive a (trick or) treat upon arrival. There are five exclusive costumes available in Threads especially for the event – including a werewolf, Frankenstein, a witch, a ghost and his and her skeleton suits.


If you wear one the above costumes when you enter the space you will get yourself a very special (ghoulish) reward. If you don’t, you can just pull on the costumes when you are in the space and jump on the enormous red button to receive your prize.

And if that isn’t enough, we are running Home’s first official storyboard competition alongside the event. Using the Home camera we ask you to supply five images with captions and upload them to our Flickr group. The wittiest five storyboards will go on display in Home Square and then the residents will decide who wins. The lucky winner will receive a brand new PSPgo.

ROLE: Creative Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Experiential Producer
AGENCY: Picture Production Company
CLIENT: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe