IRON MAN 2 in Sony Playstation Home – Q&A with Jon Favreau



Announcing IRON MAN 2 in Sony PlayStation Home.

From PPC Interactive:

As many of you will have seen, the Iron Man 2 campaign kicked off in Playstation Home last week. (A special well done to the few of you that picked up something was coming from a little mention on the Official Iron Man 2 Fankit a couple of weeks ago!)

From SCEE PlayStation Blog:

Last Thursday the Audi Home Terminal in PlayStation Home updated with new Iron Man 2 terminals, where you can access a ten question quiz about the Iron Man 2 trailer. That was just the warm-up; we’re excited to announce that these terminals will soon become your entry point into an upcoming competition to meet Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau in PlayStation Home!

One lucky winner of the competition will be invited to attend a Q&A with Jon Favreau, which will take place in a private Audi personal space within Home. The event date and time will be confirmed soon, however is expected to be on the weekend beginning 23rd of April. You’ll also be bumping virtual shoulders with a selection of hand picked international journalists from online film and game sites.

Full competition details will be available soon by accessing the terminals in the Audi Home Terminal, so keep your eyes open!



Update on IRON MAN 2 Q&A from SCEE PlayStation Blog [4.22.10]:

Sadly, we have become the latest casualty of the ash plume from last week’s volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Due to circumstances beyond its control and the ongoing flight restrictions, Paramount Pictures International was earlier this week forced to cancel the London junket and world premiere of Iron Man 2 this weekend. Unfortunately this means Jon Favreau will not be able to pop into PlayStation Home for our previously announced Q&A session.

Do not be disheartened though, we have a VERY special Iron Man 2 related announcement next week.

In the meantime, head over to Home Cinema where we have three screens dedicated to Iron Man 2 content and check out the updated mini-quiz in the Audi Space – answer correctly and you can grab a free limited edition Iron Man t-shirt!



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